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Then use it to create a brand concept that blows the new ‘tech only’ hipster companies right out of the water!

This extremely short and easy to digest 30 page PDF comes with 3 MP3 files.

You can literally integrate 60 yrs + of inventions marketing expertise from the all time leading inventions company, 3M (Post-it notes, Scotch tape, Dobie scouring pads, Ace bandages, Thinsulate insulation) into your brain in less than the amount of time it takes to hire a freelancer.

“Forget Content…Concept Is King!”

Great Ideas Never Come From Within ‘Your Comfort Zone’…

Want To Drop A Marketing Bomb On The Competition?

Use BrainstormPro To Develop A World Class Product or Brand Concept…

(Then take advantage of our HeadlineGizmo software to consitently nail high-quality marketing messages in all mediums including eMail, print, web pages etc…)

Quite simply, if you are ignoring 100 yrs of pre-internet branding expertise and going all ‘web 5.0’ with your branding, you are another hipster chump doomed to the failed startup bin.

Fusion Brainstorming can be a brutal process but can produce outstanding out of the box solutions.

Creating a robust brand name from the beginning is criticalBut it’s damn hard. And it can take quite a bit of time to find something that feels just right…Don’t settle for an OK name.A great name is 10 times better than a good name. So invest the time now, because down the line there will be a million reasons why it is close to impossible to change it…

The time you invest in these early stages pays off down the line. A great name and brand are huge enablers for your app to become truly iconic…I don’t think there is a shortcut to coming up with a good name and developing that into a great brand.

It takes a lot of time – and during the early days it is an evolving process. That said it does need constant attention and it’s possible to achieve great results.”

-George Berkowski from Hailo, Taxi-hailing app originally from the UK that had a multi-billion dollar exit.

If You Are Looking For Brand Level Solutions To Make Your Marketing Strategy Mostly Immune To Trend In Social Media & SEO Then BrainstormPro is for you.

This product integrates hard-won expertise from 2 30 yr veterans of 3M marketing who have marketed thousands of offline products and brands before the internet was mainsteam.

It give you the ultimate advantage to the ‘inventors, techies, and developers’ that are focused on functionality only.

Your brand ought to be the foundation of your tech and not the other way around.

To Take Full Advantage of Your Best Competitive Advantage – Your Imagination!

Dear Seeker of Revolutionary, Out-Of-The-Box Ideas,

If you are looking to create a killer brand, you’ve come to the right place.

Looking To Build A Multi-Billion Dollar Brand Without Outside Funding?

The internet is dominated by a few major corporations, some of whom got their seed capital from government organizations like DARPA.

The reason is, is that this whole whizz-bang internet was originally designed for warfare.

Actually, the 2 main drivers of internet technology have been:

1 – War
2 – Porn

If your products have nothing to do with these that is great but it is time for some realism and for realizing that the internet and ‘internet marketing’ is no substitute for the principles of branding that made products like “Tide With Bleach” all-time perennial best sellers with unlimited shelf life.

If you look at the statistics about how many companies are actually profitable, the numbers are shocking.

Most of the hipster companies fall off eventually.

It’s because they aren’t in tune with reality (that internet is based around WMD), but instead try to redefine things.

SEO & Social media focused marketing mostly sucks and mostly only benefits the platform owners.

The gurus have told you it works, but for most people, it doesn’t!

Forget adjusting your brand image to meet anyone else’s standards other than your target market…

Worse yet, social media is often political – Meaning if you have a product that is counter to the establishment (or competitive with it), you get subtly or overtly shunned.

The people who own the big sites are often in bed with the establishment, an arrangement you might not be comfortable with…

And those that run smaller sites are often ‘Digital Maoists’ meaning if you try to gain any popularity or get any market feedback from free forum posting, you’ll be harassed immediately as an evil capitalist.

You can promote on social media, but work smart: Sharpen your concept so it is worthwhile.

There’s a reason why Bitcoin was created in secrecy with the owner going under a made up name!

The biggest recent disruption was Bitcoin, and that is because it upends the traditional fiat currency and banking system which is trillions in debt.

Similarly, if you are radical and want to really hit it big, you have to roll out a wicked strategy like Bitcoin to really be disruptive.


I’m going to give you 2 examples of brands I developed with my team, on a micro-budget, through intense brainstorming sessions:

Gizmowl is essentially the ultimate branding for aerospace and drones.

Actually, it is not even really limited to drones, but could compete with basically anything out there.

OK. Honest First Impression: Which aerospace brand rules the night?

Is it the Fighting Falcon?
Is it the Nightengale?
The Skytrooper?
Swoose Goose
Is it the Night Hawk?
Is it the Eagle?
The Black Hawk, Sea Hawk or JayHawk?
Golden Eagle?
Snow Goose?
Phantom II
Fighting Eagle?
The WarHawk?
Tiger Moth?
Fock Wulf
The Kitty Hawk?

(Or go check out any of the other drone brands out there.)

Or is it Gizmowl?

The facts are the trends in aerospace, even military, are towards drones.

Top-flight #1 ranked aerospace marketing companies would generally agree that the marketing shouldn’t be the afterthought of the creation process, but rather the foundation. is a super-pithy theme I’ve developed for the estimated multi-trillion dollar markets in artificial intelligence and robotics.

That logo isn’t the final, it will be more of a wolf-owl, but you get the picture.

These future markets are HUGE, with an estimated $35 Trillion dollar market impact by 2025

“I’m Telling You, The First Trillionaires are going to come from someone who masters this technology. It’s just going to blow everything away..” – Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban

“If you create a breakthrough in this field it is worth 10 Microsofts…If I were starting out today and looking for the same kind of opportunity to make a big impact in the world…[Numer] One is artificial intelligence.” – Bill Gates

“It blows me away. If I am this close to it and it is blowing me away then it is really going to blow other people away.” – Elon Musk

A recent Bank of America/Merrill Lynch report predicts that robots will be performing 45 percent of manufacturing tasks by 2025, compared to just 10 percent today.

The report stated:

‘We estimate the current robots and the AI solutions market at $153 billion by 2020, including $83 billion for robots, and $70 billion for AI-based analytics. Disruptive technologies will yield $14 to $33 trillion in annual economic impact by 2025 through cost reductions and efficiency gains. Early adoption will be a key comparative advantage, while those that lag in investment will see their competitiveness slip.” -Robotics Business Review

WOWLS! is nearly unbeatable for both pith and flexibility for the theme of AI and Robotics.

We also came up with Gizmowl – A brand for educating kids about Bitcoin and something for new technologies that can be fun for adults too.

Anywhere I post this it gets a laugh and gains attention.

It is funny, but it is also a serious brand for the multi-trillion dollar future AI markets.

You won’t find expertise like this with a typical copywriter – You need the good folks at BrainstormPro!

This is doubly true if you are involved in engineering and science…

Most scientists don’t have the creative brainstorming formula, the needed ingredient for branding…

And therefore are missing the catalyst for success.

Our brands are brainbusters.

Someone’s head could explode trying to think of something better.

Want your competition up late at night, rubbing their eyes, trying to figure out how you nailed a brand name with ultimate pith that taps the future trends in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Crypto Currency, Artificial Intelligence etc…?

We’re the people to talk to.

Other brands?

I had a documentary filmer from the Middle East looking for a name for his company.

Got him the domain name for $12.

That is definitive, unbeatable branding…On any budget.

These are just of few of the brand concepts BrainstormPro has developed.

Developing a brand with multi-billion dollar potential like Angry Birds…

Angry Birds was something like the 52nd game that company came up with.

If you think there is an easy and superficial route to success you are deluding yourself.

WARNING: Serious, Hardcore Brainstorming Can Be Brutal!

Much like you only get better at martial arts or any other physical activity after going past the point of exhaustion, brainstorming is the same way.

You have to push those neurons and synapses to find the brilliant brand solutions.

We can do much of the hard work for you – Our brains are trained at the most elite level to find solutions.


Brainstorming a brand is all about planting your flag for the future…

Our work speaks for itself.

For the future markets of artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, crypto currency etc…

Brands like Gizmowl and Wowls are very hard to beat with any budget.

We are ‘Thermo-Nuclear’ & we don’t shy away from the most controversial topics like North Korea or The JFK Assasination.

An entire generation now has to think about the consequences of weapons development with North Korea, and these brands tap the future and make a little hi-tech superhero for animation themes and games.

Top Level Brainstorming Expertise

BrainstormPro 2.0 is the ultimate guide to developing an outstanding brand concept on a budget.


Or 3 Easy Payments of $67

1000’s of hours of combined study of the brainstorming processes and actually doing it went into this guide.

60 yrs + Branding Expertise from lead marketers at the top inventions company in the states
15 yrs Copywriting & Software development
Top Branding & Animation Expertise.

Fusion Brainstorming – Don’t Let Them Tell You It’s Easy!

Real brainstorming is a bit like rocket science…

Much like an atomic scientist has to get down to the nitty-gritty level of electrons and sub-atomic particles, a truly powerful brand-name has to zoom in on the entire lexicon of language, find the best word combinations out of billions and billions of possibilities…

And then smash them together in an act of fusion.

You really have to push those nerves and synapses.

Fortunately, you can do it…

Even if you don’t have a science degree from a university like MIT or Stanford.

The great thing about brainstorming is that it allows you to take full advantage of your imagination – Something that no one can take away.

“Imagination is one of the last remaining legal means you have to gain an unfair advantage over your competition” – Ed McCabe

This guide can save you a fortune and help you develop the kinds of brand concepts that even a Madison Avenue ad firm would be hard-pressed to beat.

Are You Suffering From Information Overload?

This guide is short – It condenses thousands of pages of information on brainstorming into a short guide and comes with accompanying MP3 audios.

  • The #1 Thing You Have To Know About Brainstorming
  • Weathering The Storm – Surviving The Brutal Rejection of Ideas & Arriving At Something With Mass Appeal
  • Who You Want On Your Brainstorming Team (Hint: It Is Counter-intuitive)
  • Inventors vs. Marketers – Why Most Inventors Fail To Develop Killer Brands (And often die broke) & Why The Expertise I Bring Is Desperately Needed
  • (Hint: If a 3rd grader cannot understand your brand almost immediately, it probably isn’t that great)
  • Pre-Internet Branding Techniques – What Makes Brands Like ‘Tide’ All Time Sellers That Never Go Out of Style
  • Brand Warfare – Modelling Previous Successes For Victory
  • Branding 5.0 – Planting Your Flag & Positioning for New Advances In Technology – Get In Early & Reap The Benefits of Predictive Branding

I’ll be honest: To develop a brand concept like WOWLS! might take you a year or more.

You may see results in as short as a few weeks, but over time, you may find that you refine your concept, much like my brand went from Gizmowl! to WOWLS! after a year or so of letting the idea percolate.

This should be obvious – Even companies like Google went back and made their corporate name ‘Alphabet‘.

And if you saw the Facebook movie, you right remember one tip of changing the name from ‘The Facebook’ to just ‘Facebook’, and ponder the effect, in billions of dollars, some small adjustment like that could make…

The reason is, a brand is constantly trying to encompass as much as it can, without limiting itself, in a way that also appeals to the largest possible market.

(The Branding Sweet-Spot).

I’m confident that this is a top of the line brand development solution made by real people who actually used the process on themselves!

I test my own theories on myself before selling them, and I show you the proof here on the page so you can decide – “Yeah, those 2 brands are pretty killer”.

If you’re tired of playing for scraps and want to develop a brand with $10 million + potential, this book will give you the information you need and point you towards further resources to shave your study time down by years, if not decades.

Order the PDF guide and Audio MP3’s right now and get started!

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We are also ‘anti-hipster’ – You don’t have to worry about being too PC around us.

Throw your idea out there and let it bounce of some great brains.

There is a really cool crypto-currency expert here too if you are looking to integrate the trend towards crypto into your product.



Order today.

Jesse Gilbert

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